Talking about the main

“Human being is a child of his time. If he is a bad person, this is a guilt of his contemporaries”

Abay Kunanbayev

“Our days pass in communication, but art to communicate — destiny of the few…”

Mikhail Lomonosov

Format: frank talk about values common to humanity.

Aim: creating an informal forum between teachers and students for an open dialogue on topical issues of ethics, national history, politics and the role of young people in today’s world.


– to show that the national values ​​formed during several centuries (impeccable reputation, honesty, responsibility for the fate of loved ones) are relevant to the present day;

– to attract students’ attention to the richness and depth of the Kazakh culture;

– to form student’s understanding of a search of a moral ideal, where he/she may rely not only on western fashion trends, but primarily focus on traditional national values ​​and principles;

– to bring a sense of belonging to the historical past and present;

– to create conditions for tandem and open talk between teacher and student;

– to promote a congenial environment for the youth.

Frequency: once a month

Topics for discussion:

– Do we respect our environment?

– The way to a manicorn.

– My international studies and me.

– Why are we losing our traditional values?

In addition to the main topics planned:

– Meeting with the fellows (teachers and students) of international programs and courses for the exchange of experience and impressions;

– Interesting cases from student years and experiences of teachers;

– One of the meetings will be devoted to a discussion of the results of historical trips (1-3d year students), pleasant memories and behavior lessons.


Higher School of General Education and Language Studies

Department of History of Kazakhstan and General Education

Patriotic club

Student board “Byiler Kenesi”

Student association “UNISON”

To participate: online registration of participants and speakers on KAZGUU University website;

Dear students, you can offer your interesting topics for discussion.

Everyone can be a participant of our meetings: undergraduates, master and doctoral students, and faculty.